homiletica: 12. sund i det allmenne året, Mark 4,25-31

legg ut denne korte preika frå messe for studentar i kveld, i St Halvard krk, Oslo. «Jesus stiller stormen..».

This is a fantastic story; true both as an historical event and as an image of our actual, human life.

”Master, do you not care? We are going down!”. Such is the feeling and the cry from many people today, even from the faithful.

If God is allmighty – why all the sufferings, why all my own problems?

OK– God could make another world, if he wanted, a world without us, because much of the problem lies with us, is due to human sin. God could make a new f. Arnfinn, a new you and me – but do I want to be wiped out? To be replaced by a better version of myself, a person that would not really be myself?

No. God has created us, has created the world. Given us liberty and responsability. He has to go for it. No way back. Once he tried to change the world by drowing it in the Cataclysm, the deluge. But he promised that he would never do that anymore – and he gave us the rainbow as a sign. No way back, only forward. Forward through the history of salvation, forward to Christ, forward to redemption through him. Forward to us, where we are now.

God doesn’t destroy this world with all its evils and all its injustice. He joins it. He steps into the boat. He is with us, Immanuel, God with us, even though he seems to be sleeping and taking no interest in us.

He doesn’t ask us to be Stoics, to be cynical or to indulge in pious acceptance of everything.. He wants us to have confidence, but to have that, we shall have to be honest with our own fears, our own desperation. He wants us to cry out: -Help us, help me! I’m going down!

God is there. Is here. Many people think that his absence or presence doesn’t make much difference. Well. If God left the world, left my life, left the boat, I’m sure that faith, hope and love would suffer a grave loss.

Some day you will realize it in your own life, in the life of the Church, and one day the entire Creation will realize it: He was there all along, a mighty hand upheld us. And we will burst out in awe, in wonder:

-Who can this be? Even the wind and the sea obey him!


1 Tilbakemelding to “homiletica: 12. sund i det allmenne året, Mark 4,25-31”

  1. 1 Camilla
    juli 30, 2009 ved 8:31 am

    Det er fint at du skriver på engelsk, det burde du gjøre oftere, sånn at flere kan forstå(ikke bare de som er fra Sunnmøre…) jeg mente mine venner i San Domenico i Napoli, som jeg forresten skal hilse fra.

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